Prison Wives ID -
To All: "Thank you for sharing your experiences, strength and hope. I am a married to someone who is locked up too and this show has been very helpful. Take care."
Esperanza - CA
To Jane: "I would like to start, by saying your show was the first show I watched, which than drew me to the show. I have seen 4 episodes so far, all interesting, but only really touched by 2 of those. I think you are a strong person, I also am glad to see that you husband has done some good for himself while inside. I hope your dream comes true to start a family, I truely do, I would even be willing to help research options if your ever need the help. I also hope that your husband gets the chance to have his case reopened and let new evidence be shown. I would love to talk to you further, if you ever have the time or want to. My email address has been attached. God Bless."
Ms. R - ID
To Annika: "I read your corrections. I am sorry that people can be so judgemental. Will it may not mean much but I think you are just making lemonade out of lemons! I loved your story, your children seem to love your husband and that says a lot! Don't let people affect you, they are just showing their stupidity. You know what is best for you and your children!"
Jessica - GA
To Annika:"Don't worry about being judged -- that's for God to do. You seem like you're doing what you think is best for your family & that's all you can do. Your husband is a lucky man and it's obvious how much you love your kids. Don't worry about what others say. You know what's right for your life."
To Latoya: "I admire you!!! You've kept your sense of humor and great personalitythrough this ordeal and that can't be easy. You are a great girl and any man would be extremely fortunate to have you. I pray that it works out with Neil but if he turns out not to be the man that you thought he was, that's okay. If you've made it this far in life, you will find happiness & peace. Thank you for sharing your story. I really want you to have a happy ending!!! You deserve it!!!"
Ruby - MA
To Annika: " I think you have some issues with marrying a man behind prison walls.What did you do this in the first place?Why are you putting your children through this,they do not need to be put through that period.I grew up with out a father who left my mother,and I turned out great,every child do's not get a father,but want's one.I know it is hard to be a single mom,but you can have your marriage to him,but why get the children involed.There are better people out there for your kids like mentors,church,family ect...You are giving them the idea of a man behind bars is okay to be a father to your children when in fact he is not there father at all.What advice could he give to them,he is behind bars and is no role modle.Also I think you should not change there last name that is all they have day when they are older then you could ask them,but right now why change it?I just think your way of thinking is not thinking at all.Why should any prisoner get any forum of pleasure at all,meaning tv,newspaper,radio,ect..They did the crime they should do the time.Without these things."Force is all-conquering,but its victories are short- lived. "Abraham Lincoln""
Julie - OR
"Hi Latoya, I have been inspired by you. I am married to an inmate. I love him and the bond between us is unbelievable. I have been with him for a year and a half and I finally have hope. Thank you for the inspiration. By the way, my husband is from Tallahassee. When he was arrested and sentenced he was only 20 years old. He is now 42." 
Gwen - GA
To Jane: " know in your episode I have read and heard about I completely agree. my Husband has been in prision four 4 years and he was sentence to and extreme amount of time 107 years for robbery and other misdemeanors. He is not up for parole til 2037. He is a changed man and we have talk ed about if none of the court stuff work trying to get have a baby without touching each other. Current the judge is reviewing his sentence literally to reduce it and I pray to God He has mercy on my husband.I just wanted to know how you were going about to have a baby. I wish y'all the best of luck."
Celeste - WV
To Latoya: "While I could never date or marry a prisoner especially one serving life or on death row, I admire you more than the other ladies because you truly love your husband and have fought for him for the past 14 yrs and I hope if he indeed is not guilty of the crimes, then he should be released, I worked in LE that is why I have a hard time understanding why a woman would want an incarcerated man when there are so many in the free world, but with you, I take exception. You work hard, you help others and you have a good spirit unlike some of the others who, if you ask me, expect us in the free world to understand why these women are with these guys who did not go to prison as innocent people, they took lives, they hurt the ones they loved and the ones that loved them, and you are right, you ladies are doing time right along with them and it has to be so hard when you can't even be intimate with them beyond the visiting room. But I like you, and I do hope that it will be all worth it for you because you deserve some happiness in your life and if he makes your world rock and you can get him out, I give you total blessings and if he is released, that he is everything you want him to be."
Linda - MI
"Annika,I read your story and watched your story. I am penpals with a prisoner in AZ. We have started becoming more than just penpals. I can relate to everything you go thru. Keep your heart true! Please e-mail or call if you need a friend. I know I sure do!"
Angie - MN
To Annika: "I saw your episode and thought I could never do what you do to keep your family togehter. Then I thought of how much I love my husband and realized I would do exactly the same. My husband is also a DAD to my older two children and what matters to a child is feeling loved and cared for. I'm happpy your children have a man they can call DAD. Continued blessings to you and your family."
Ann Marie - Unknown
To All: "Why are all of the testimonials positive,when I have no doubt the majority of women think these low-self esteem women are crazy!? Gimme' a break! I have collegues that have signed the guest book and it wasnt poretty,where are their testimonials!Of course women in the same situation are gonna go along with these womens stories!When Annika stated 'Now that my Mom is dating a prisoner'....Dating a prisoner?! Get real!What color is the sky in these womens worlds?!"
Joani - WA
NOTE: We do not post negative comments if they do not put their email address and a name on the comments.  This is the only exception to that rule, so in the future if you have a negative comment you would like to see posted here please include both name and email address, Thank you.
To All: "I was one of you. I watched the first one the other night and cried. I know exactly how you feel. In Michigan we don't have a support system for the wives, girlfriends and families. I have always said that one is needed but never knew how to start one. My husband has been in prison twice for drinking and driving. We were actually married at Jackson Prison. He was not able to watch the first show but will be watching from now on. I want him to see what I went through while he was gone. Tell him is not the same as him seeing what other wives go through as I did. Thank you so much for sharing your stories. I so wish this was out earlier so that I would have not felt so isolated and alone. I do know how you all on the outside with loved ones on the inside feel."
Michaela - MI
To All: "all of the women on this show is sad and stupid im pretty sure if these men were not in prison they wouldn't even give them as much as a second look! they are all fat and ugly and the one black lady (its ok im black too) had the nerve to say "she would work him out" omg!! she need to get her fat big breast ass up and work out she looks sweaty and nasty! he didnt even sound excited when at the end of the show she told him about the other guy who could've possibly done the crime!...thats just a sign they dont love these women i would love to see the day when investagative discoveries have a show called prison husbands!! why is it only fat ugly low self esteem women can snag a man in prison? wake up ladies!! and anika you are on welfare!! and your son looks depressed your to busy chasing a man that you dont notice that and your husband is probaly moving from prison to prison in order to get away from you! only he like the money you send "
Sinthia - OH
To Georgia: "Hey I watched this video of you and for you I am so happy everything worked out! but as you know alot of times it doesn't.  Hell my life with this was fifteen long years for nothing but heartache and pain in the end!"
Pat - KS
To All:"well this show has me completely hooked. it is an interesting show. But I guess the thing that amazes me is that all of the women that i have seen so far seem to think that they dont have a choice. That is the biggest thing that I have heard. "We have no choice, we have to support them." I can understand that to a point but what my issue is to see how much you have given up. Some of you have lost your homes, your vehicles, and it almost seems like your self-respect and dignity. I dont doubt that you love your spouse or significant other. But at what cost to you? And to those who love you and depend on you other than the inmate. I yell and scream at my tv because i get so frustrated at how some of you are acting. But this is only my opinion and i only wish the best for you whatever that maybe."
Kalyn - MI
To Pam: "I watched your story, and I cried. There are many women in this world who are inspirational. Most are well known in society, and they also have important titles... I think you inspirational and amazing, considering what life has given you.... This may sound funny, I know there are angels on earth and your are definitley one.... Just had to let you know!!!!"
Maureen - MA
To All:"I am a military wife and also have parents who are incarcerated. They did their crime and they are doing their time because they like to steal instead of paying for things. BUT as a wife of a deployed soldier I am offended by the reference that you compare yourself to a military family. Just like I have no idea what you may be going through...nor do you to make such a comparison."
Toni - IN
Note to ALL Military wives and families:we were not comparing our spouses to yours, we were comparing the life style as wives and I'm sorry that you misunderstood what was said. Yours, too, is a story of commitment and love and I would never want to imply anything less.  To be the spouse of a soldier is also a story worth being told. Yet you will never face  being condemned for loving your spouse nor should you, but we are a forgotten class of people and when we are thought of at all, it is normally with contempt and ridicule. Personal Note: Please know too, we do know about being military family, I was the daughter of a career soldier that served 30 years as was another of the wives here, I am a veteran and the widow and wife of a veteran, so yes I do understand the lifeWhat we tried to express here is that the feelings of lost, loneliness and support are similiar.
To All: "I applaud all of you and pray for each of your happiness and know that you are each special because God only chooses the very strong to endure these types of relationships. I am hoping to find a support group in my area as i am too a prison fiancee and will become aprison wife. I wouldn't trade my man for all the free men in the world. smile. Hang in there and look me up on PTO. Much love,
Sweetswife" - OH
To All: "Hi, this show is really an inspiration to me. I am engaged to a man in prison for 20 years. I am 27 and he is 37. We have known each other for 8 years. When we first met, he was incarcerated for a drug charge, then was released. We talked on the phone and he was even going to come to visit me. We lost contact for years, and I found him again in August 2009. He is incarcerated again. His charge is aggravated battery..only his second felony, and has 20 years with no parole or probation. We have tried for a clemency, but he was denied because of the length of time he has been locked up. His release is in 2026. We are very much in love, and I want to spend the rest of my life with him. I have never met a man that is so wonderful. This is the first man that I truly trust and I know he loves me. I go on every visit, although its only 2 hours every other weekend. We do not get conjugal visits in Louisiana. I know how much heartache a relationship like this can bring. He cannot be there many of your spouses. I want to marry him. My family and friends do not understand how I can love a man in prison. I have nobody to talk to about this. I wonder if marrying him would be something I will regret later, but I can't picture myself being with anyone else. Please, anyone, feel free to email me or contact me. It helps to know there are other people in similar situations as me. Thanks." 
JoAnn - LA
To Pam: "Hi Pam, Last night I watched the episode about you and your husband, and felt such compassion for both of you. I've had two sons in prison; they both served 8 years for what were really minor offenses, but were prosecuted under what was then a new mandatory sentencing measure in Oregon. I know the heartache of loving someone in prison. I know that often the prisoners, and their loved ones, are unfairly judged. You are brave to hang in there for your husband. I watched, amazed, at how much preparation goes into your visits, and how hard it is for you to do so. My heart was touched by the extensive efforts you went to in order to bring your step daughter in to see her father. Your life is truly an inspiration to many. As for those who would criticize you, only God can judge these things justly. No one else has the right to pass judgment on you. I wish you and your husband the best as you continue your fight to win him his freedom. May you know there are those of us out here rooting for you! Sincerely,
Deb" - OR
To All: "Hello Ladies and Gentleman, I just want to give some positive words of encouragement because as a person who is happy in their life, I only have good things to say. I have never dated or married a man in prison but through your stories I am learning to forego any biast I may have had in the past. Stay strong, love your family and know that there is only one true Judge! Being apart of this journey surely takes courage! As people we are all flawed in ways and not one better than the other and to all the nay sayers, please consider looking in the mirror prior to spiteful words and judgements. Just because it is not a path you would choose, it doesn't not make it wrong. :-)"
Amanda - CA
To All:"Don't let people bother you with what they say. If you truly love someone then its your choice to stay with them. I wish you all the best of luck."
Joy - WV
To Grace:"I listened to your tutorial and was shocked to hear you call your daughter a little B***H?! But you stand tall for a man in prison?! Shame,Shame on you!"
Gina - IL
To Annika:"I love you story i think you are a very special person. My 26 year old son is in prison for the 4th time he got 40 years this time and i miss him very much. God bless you and your family. You have a very handsome husband. Good Luck.Email me if you want to."
Alice - AR
 Gray - IL--Deleted-False email address 
To All:"I was just reading the comments and I read one that I felt was very negative on here. To the individuals fighting this struggle, ignore it and don't let it bother you. Pray for this person. She even went so far to ask why are all the comments so positive. What kind of person looks for negative things to try and kick a man that's already down. This is a person I wouldn't want to hear from anyways. When she learns better, hopefully she will do better. God loves us all no matter what and the sooner people get ahold of that the world will be a better place. No one on this earth is no better or less than the next to Almighty. Don't fight your battles, give it to Jesus and keep praying and I guarantee you that you will end up victorious. He doesn't loose. He is where your strength lies to continue your journey to victory. don't give up."
Tinikia - MN
To All: "I just want to make a suggestion to the creators of this site. Don't put comments like the one made from OH. You can tell this woman is a very stupid and ignorant individual. I have no doubt that she is in no position to insult these women to call them ugly and fat and low self esteem. Where is her doctoral degree from that allows her to be able to make a diagnosis of these women. Her phd is probably a ged and she sounds as if she's from the ghetto. Just ghetto ignorance coming out of her mouth. You know something to be true" You never know how stupid and ignorant a person is until they open there mouth and from OH has proven that. Who are you to judge and I'd like to know your perfect life. You judge someone by the way they look, you are stupid so stupid there isn't enough words to describe how stupid you are. Get a life and stop making judgments about someone's else life stupid girl."
Tinikia - MN
To Georgia: "I've been watching the previews about your episode that will air this week. Im so excited and I'm so happy for you. It puts me in tears to see your previews so I know I'm just gonna really cry when I see the full episode. Wow, I'm so happy for you and I hope that the rest of you and Don's life is full of Love, Joy, and Happiness. You deserve it much girl. I can't write to Don but can you tell him that I think that his art and the books are amazing, very amazing. I can't believe it. He seems to be a very talented man. His talent is one the world should know, publish your work and then you will be happy and rich (lol). It could happen, just do it!!! Good luck and to both of you much love and happiness and live it out to the fullest and enjoy every day of it. Peace!!"
Tinikia - MN
To Pam:" hey Pam, just done watching you on prison wives and I don't think I could be more heartbroken if this was my own situation. I can offer you only a few words of encouragement. If you know the mighty name of Jesus, call on it constantly. Stay in constant prayer, ask him for help strength and guidance. Give it to Him to work it out and know that He will put no more on you than you can bare. Pray, pray, pray and keep praying Pam with faith. God can do this for you. He can bring your husband home to you where he belongs. That is where he belongs, at home with his wife. I don't know if you know Jesus or not, but if you don't I will advise you to get to know him. I will pray for you and Lance and we will have faith together. The word of God says whenever two come together in my name, whatever they ask shall be given if we ask if faith and I believe that Pam. The storm will end soon. Your sister in Christ Jesus, Love ya, be strong and KEEP PRAYING PAM!!!!!"
Tinikia - MN
Shia - NY--Deleted-False email address
To:"Jane, I have watched your a couple of times, and every time it just baffles me. You are a beautiful, smart woman. What does Josh have that you think you cant find in anyone else? I can only imagine how it must feel to not be able to be intimate with your husband and to never know if he is going to get out of prison. My thoughts and prayers are with you!"
To All: "I thank you with all my heart for leting the world know about being a pisnor's wife. My husband too is in prison, we have been married for almost 8 months. I meet and married in in prison. I dont have to much support from family and friends, its not easy for them to understand what it takes to be a prisoners wife. This show lets me know that I am not alone, that you can be in love with an inmate. Again thank you!"
Chernice - MD
To All: My husband is in prison at Angola, in Louisiana. We have been married 14 years and have two children together, ages 8 and 5. He has been there since March 09. I would love to give my story and support to try to help our inmates. Thank you for your time."
Donna - LA 
To All:"I know how all you women feel i am a wife of a man who just got life in prison and I am never going to leave him for anything i have been threw hell with him and I am having a hard time coping but i know that I will make it with the love that him and I have. I will keep you all in my prayers and know that your not alone."
To Cheryl: "I too am married to a man who can't seem to prision. He is on his second time in. The first time was a short few months now this time he is serving a 18 year sentence. We have been doing almost 6 years of our sentence. I struggle every day with health problems and depression and loosing a son to suicide 3 years ago I get to see my husband every saturday and sunday for 6and half hours and some holidays. We have phone calls that are fairly cheap and he is in a medium dorm setting and has access to a phone alot and we write letters and he makes me things. He has gotten into making jewlery which is very beautiful to pass some of his time. i write poetry to pass my time. Why I picked you to write to is because we both are going through the same thing. The love of our lives can't seem to stay out of prision. It hurts, some days I don't want to even get out of bed. But i try to focus on the fact that he won't be there forever. I count the hours till I see him again.I hope maybe we can write each other back and forth."
Tina - KS
Chastity - NC
To:"Annika, I watched Prison Wives for the first time lastnight (I recorded it) not expecting to have sympathy or understanding for anyone who married a prisoner. You sure changed my opinion about that. You are so happy and I believe that you made the right decisions for yourself and your children. You were so open and honest, that I thought "wow, she is a normal person!" LOL, guess I wasn't expecting that from the show. Anyway, I was telling my daughter about the you and the show and she goes "Mom, you act like she's your new best friend!" So I looked for you on Facebook, hoping we could converse a little bit. Anyway, thought I would let you kow that you made a new friend and that I really admire you for what standing up for what you believe in. Just wondering why, in this day and age of rehab, that Anthony was given LWOP. Oddly enough, I am an adult college student studying the travesty of the criminal justice system. Email me if you want to, I'd like to talk to you some more."
 Patti - WI
To All: "I just heard about this show. I can't believe it I was thinking this should be done. I am there with all of you. I wanted to share my story with you all. GOD BLESS I hope you read it. A LOVE STORY BARRED FOR LIFE...Arturo may be a nobody to this world, he may be a nobody to you, but he is somebody's son, he is somebody's brother, he is my one true love and he is that somebody to me. I beg that he will be that somebody to you. You are our last hope in this fight for justice. "
Zora - CA
To  "Annika, I am also disabled. I know exactly what you go through and how people judge. Just because we are not in a wheel chair, doesn't mean that we are not disabled! I am a former disability determination examiner. Let me tell you, you have to be nearly on death's door to get approved! I wished more people understood this! I am sorry that people have been hateful. You cannot jsut walk into the SS Office and sign up for benefits! You must have UNDENIABLE medical test results, X-Rays, etc. Just keep the faith. I get judged daily for "living off" disability when I have a college degree. Hang in there and I am pulling for you and your family!!! Godspeed,
Karen" - AL
To Pam: "I just watched the episode and I truly believe you are an angel. I wish you well and would like for you to know that its okay to think about yourself once in awhile. You can still help your husbands cause but dont ever loose you in the process. I will pray for you."
Michele - NJ
To All:"I support all of you in your choices! We don't usually get a choice of who we love..Only HOW we love. I too, am in love with a man in prison. We have known each other for 28 years. He has been in for nearly 5 years. I am on the lucky side of this he will be paroled in July 2010. We are looking forward to a quiet life. I love him and will support and NEVER judge him."
Dawn - GA
To"Pam I just got done watching your episode of Prison Wives, and I must say that what they are doing to Lance is so wrong. I dont believe for one minute he did it, and they sat there and said he was in the vehicle, and he didnt pull the trigger. I dont see how he is in prison for 2 life sentences for something he didnt do. If I was a lawyer I would help out in any way I could. Sorry Im not. All my best to you and Lance.
Tina - WV
To All:"I am a prison wife, my husband has been locked up since 2000. We were 20 years old. I like this show, and I thank you for sharing your life with others. Many people look at me and say you went to Grad school, you have kids why can't you find someone on the outside and my answer to that is I love my husband and no matter what I will stick by him. Maybe now people will understand that it is not easy for the wives, and that we deal with a lot but we make it."
Felicia - MI
 "Dearest Pam, I just watched my first episode of prison wives. The night before last I saw you on Larry King Live. I just must say what a wonderful and courageous person I think you are. You were so honest and sincere about your story...Like your husband said you are his angel and Pam you are an angel.......sincerely"
Stephanie - NY
To "Dear Annika, I want to say when I first started watching prison wives, I was a little skeptical....However after becoming addicted and watching every epsode aired so far, I think yours is the best. I read your updates and it seems like you have received a lot of ridicule. These people giving you a hard time are absolutely crazy. You and Anthony have something wonderful, something I see in few people. Something just like my husband and I have. I am not a prison wife and by no means do I deal with what you do on a daily basis, but I think you are a great person. I loved how your children really took to Anthony and he completes their life since they didn't have a strong father figure. I really got the impression you and Anthony have one of those timeless loves that is very classic and inspiring. I think y'all should just keep doing what you're doing (even if it requires moving) and stay strong for each other. I would also like to sign your petition electronically or by mail ( if it will help you). Thanks for sharing your story and good luck! keep us updated online and add pics frequently, your fans enjoy the updates!! Lots of Love,"
Lisa - AL
To All:"Im with Sinthia fr. Ohio! These women have terminal low self esteem! These women should ask themselves if the script was flipped would any of these men be as dedicated as they are?! As an educated woman I cant wrap my mind around the concept of giving all of your power over to someone who has murdered another human being!And to have your children in contact with these losers?! Ladies love yourselves! And for Dateline I.D. to have a voice over that proclaims these are 'amazing love stories' is an insult to every woman in a commited SANE relationship! Romeo n Juliet,Tristan n Isolde,Niles n Daphne,Me n My workin',sweet,kind,caring handsome,Man are amazing love stories,not these delusional women and the losers they chose to embrace!"
Dakota - IL
Tori -INDeleted-False email address
"Hey Pam! My husband is in the same hub as yours (Upstate SHU)!! Thank you for sharing your story!! you're an inspiration!! :)"
Dana - NY 
To All:"I believe what ever make you happy is fine!! My son was in jail for 12 years!! If he would have had someone like all of you it would have been great!! There isn't much in jail to be happy about!! Stay strong."
Nancy - NY
To All: "I think this is awesome my husband is in prison also it really helps knowing there are other people out there in the same situation !! Thanks"
Angie - MI
To Annika:"Hello. I have to say that your story touched me the most. I too am a prison wife. There are things about about our situations that are so similar and it is really hard what you have NOBODY who knows what you are going through. Thank you for being such a brave soul and coming foward to show the world how these men are not all bad and they need to be loved and have family just as much as men on the outside. It really meant a lot to me!"
Christi - PA
To All:"I know exactly how all of the ladies feel. Been doing this over ten years. It takes a special woman to love someone as they do and to wait for them. I know that all of your husbands should feel proud to have you there for them."
Kaye - TN
"hi Pam how are you?  My husband is in jail as well and it is killing me. Only has 1 year so I can not imagine what you are going though I do know about the crack addiction my husband has that and is in Arthurkill Correctional facility. He was supposed to come home in June but he was denied his merit board. I would love to speak to you can call me at----"
Kimberly - NY
To All: I find it incredulous that the majority of these testimonials are positive.But it became clear after perusing all of them that these women also are in the same situations.How does a woman give up 10,20,even 2 yrs. of her life to dedicate her life and most often her childrens lives for a man that is incarcerated,some for the rest of their lives.I will not judge but it is absolutely my belief that these women suffer from low self-esteem and no self worth,perhaps if someone in their lives had told them that 'You are beautiful,smart,and worthy of so much more than this', then they would not have had to search out love behind bars?! My Husband is a Pyschologist for the D.O.C. here in Illinois,and we have had many discussions concerning this very subject.He proclaims these men search out these vulnerable women,and more often than not they have more than one woman writing,visiting and putting money on their books.I agree with the person who wrote and said ,i'f the tables were turned,would these men be as dedicated as the women most certainly are'?! My Husband has always found it astonishing that on visiting day the lines of females to get into the mens reformatories are blocks long,but he said he has never in the 18yrs. he has worked for the D.O.C. seen those same lines of males at a womens reformatory?! As I said I wont judge but I will never understand smart women making really stupid choices as these women have made."
 Gina - IL
To All:I just wanted to say I can really appreciate this situation. My husband was arrested last year for violating his parole. He is a registered sex offender and people in society have been very cruel to me and Im afraid that they will take it out on our son. I am 21 years old and we have been married for a year. I was 10 weeks pregnant when he got arrested and our baby is now 4 weeks old and he is not allowed to see him. I just need some advice how do I handle the backlash from my family and society. Why is there so much hatred? Anyway I appreciate any responses I get. Ill keep you all in my thoughts and prayers.
F - ID
To All: "I am also a prison wife, it really helps to know that I am not the only one who has these emotions. It's nice to finally know that other strong women exist, thank you"
Terah - VA
To All:"I just was wanting to say that my fiance & I have been wanting to marry & are expecting a little girl in July. He made a mistake & we are now planning to get married. Alot of people are not very supportive, but we love eachother & that is all that matters. He will be doing a minimum of 2 years. I saw this show & plan on watching for support & advice! Thanks for being strong!"
Justine - TX
To Pam: "My family and I watched your story and my heart goes out to you. We admire your strength, I've seen some of the other prison wives and simply cannot understand why on most occassions why one would dedicate their lives to these men. Your case was different you were with your husband prior to the incident, although I am an advocate of abiding by the law, their is also times when the law is simply unjust. I will be praying for you."
Trey - Unknown
To Pam: 'I too am married to an individual incarcerated and I too thought the system would work for us not against us, I too have been experienceing some of what you described re: prosecution and loss of employment due to guilty by association. I would like to speak to you regarding starting a support group/advocacy program in my area. Good luck and hope to hear from you soon."
Angela - NY
To Pam:  "I watched this story with mixed feelings. I also have been a prison wife, at one time. I must say that I do not feel Lance should be on death row. I do feel he had to pay a price. As far as you go Pam, my heart went out to you for many reasons. The first and most importantly as a person on the outside looking in, I saw a woman killing herself. As I said I have also been a prison wife, and it was all to familiar. I know my health suffered as well. I wish you would put yourself first, love yourself first, and your husband who loves you will have to get by living without, as you have. This letter is in no way to be mean, it is out of concern. Thank you for listening."
 Kathy - VT
To All: If somebody reads this message please contact me. I recently married and inmate in NY and im trying to get help to move close to him. Please I need help! Thanks"
Alma - MA
To: "Hi Pam, My heart goes out to you and Lance. I will never understand how someone who does not kill a person is in jail for life with NO possibility of parole. Such an injustice. I think you are an incredible woman and I wish you all the best. I really hope Lance gets an appeal. He is so very lucky to have you." 
Grace - NY
To Pam: "I am surprised I am writing this to you, but here goes. I found your story very interesting and compelling for some reason. I know you are beginning to run out of options, and you are realy struggling to try to do all of this on your own. Have you ever heard of a group of attornies that refer to themselves as "The Innocence Project"? Several states have such a group. They work pro bono and very tirelessly to try to overturn convictions that they are convinced were wrongfully given out. I believe there is a Christian group that does the same thing. It might be worth checking into... Good luck."
Jeanie - OR
To All:"I absolutely love your web site. I have gained so much from reading these love stories. I loved being able to hear the stories of those who would understand me !! My Thanks to each of you. I have yet to see the show episodes, I cut cable for phone calls !!! I will find someone with ID Discovery. I have read every thing I can find about the show on the internet. My fiancé and I have finally jumped through all the Tennessee Dept. of Corrections paperwork and counseling hoops. We are hoping that our requested wedding date of April 3, 2010 will be approved by the chaplain. I live in Texas, so there are many travel arrangements to be made !!!..."
Pamela -  TX
To All: "I just want to say that I did not know anything about this show till my soon to be husband sent me a newspaper article on it. I think this is a great idea and I really feel people will always judge the unknown. Most people could not be in a prison relationship. To love unconditional and be faithful...I dont know too many couples on the streets that have this. I have been in a relationship with Ken for 6 yrs, we live in different states and as hard as it gets, I love this man and have never loved anyone (other then my kids) more. Even though he is incarcerated he makes sure to take care of his kids (not biological) and they do not go with out anything thanks to him. We are not on welfare and I have a good job as a paralegal. I do not have low self-esteem and I am not afraid of commitment. People really should not judge on things you know nothing about. I dont recommend this type of relationship to anyone, it is hard but I also know with out a doubt that this man is my soul-mate and our love is real."
Mrs. S. - IL
To "Georgia & Don i want to wish you both the BEST of Luck ... and Don your someone that could help others in knowing that they can make it outside of the gates.. I also like that you had your plans already set before even crossing those Gates.. That is true words cause if you dont got Plans its going to be a hard road to be on.. Best of luck also on your Novel... Hope to hear more updates about you.. Keep smiling and keep your chin up.. Georgia.. Bless you heart for standing by your man and waiting for him.. Much love and respect to you both"
Anita - OH 
To Georgia:"Just saw your episode. Left me with mixed feelings. I also just came upon Don's "Life After Prison" link and it helps me to understand some. I love the pics of your "kids" ! Such cuties. Anyway, I hope that you guys are progressing well. I love N.M., have relatives in Cloudcroft and I have fallen in love with it each time I have gone (not often enough). The sky at night is like NOTHING ELSE anywhere. Btw: your house is so cute. Well, hope all is going well. Stay strong and be patient."
Cat - FL 
To All: "I saw this program advertised on the Discovery Channel and was very interested in watching it, but I do not get the ID channel, I have watched every video they have on the Discovery Channel website, only wish I could watch the whole episodes!! My Fiance is in prison not for the lengths of time your men and women are but I so relate to what I have heard from the few clips of video I have seen. I pray to live through it and stay strong for him."
Jennifer - ND
To All: "Greetings Ladies, I personaly know your pain I was released from VA STATE PRISON. I served 20, YES 20 years felt the pain, discrace and filth of the visiting room as is in all prisons. Dealt with my wife being stripped searched, my daughter being belitteed, she left crying. Do you think for one minute them people cared? HELL NO I FOUGHT TOOTH AND NAIL TO GET OUT !!!! Now I have been out 4 years, same job, my own truck, a house, and starting a pit bull rescue in VA. We are not all bad, to hell with what people think if they dont walk in your shoes. I take my hat off to ALL OF YOU!!!!!!!!! WE CANT PICK WHO WE LOVE OR WHERE THEY ARE . if it were their child behind bars would they be so quick to judge someone for loving their son? I met my wife 2 years before I got out, our story was the same as yours. I am proof too that we dont all get out and kill again or rob again, etc. Yes, it was hard but it can be done.  All those judgemental f... out here who don't know anyone in prison can pass judgement on us but that's because they don't truly care about people in general! Honestly care!!!!!!!! So what do they matter anyway, right they don't any one who loves some one behind bars and is there for them 100% keep up the good work. It,s people like us who keep the real men and women of this world strong, who cares what the other side thinks. Love to all. A hardened CONVICT, CREATED BY SOCIETY, a better person created by myself and my loved ones . God bless each and everyone of you."
Greg - VA
To Annika: "Hi! I watched your story a few weeks ago, and wanted to write you. First of all,I would like to say that your story was very moving, and very real! I know people can be very judgemental! I know all to well about that! I am shocked that some found you to be a bad mother! I am like" did we see the same story or something?" I could see you love your kids and husband! Life is short, and Love is forever, so when we find it we should take it! My husband commited suicide in 95, and it was horrible, his father blamed me. But it does get better! I met a wonderful man and he treats me like a Queen! Please e mail me if you wish. Tc!"
Kimberly - TX
To Georgia: "Thank you so much for sharing your stories. I have not seen them all, but I look forward to each new one every Wednesday. Georgia, your story is mine, and I understood fully your anxieties, as I am awaiting my "wedding night" as well. I just don't have an "out" date. At least you got a chance to kiss and hug your husband on your wedding day. Can you imagine saying your vows to your mother in law? Now I look back on that and smile, those are my memories. Thank you again for the strength and courage to tell "our" story. God Bless you, your husband and your marriage."
Shauna - TX
To Georgia: "I just want to say I saw the show tonight and it brought me to tears. You 2 are almost into 7 years! Congrats!! I cannot say I know what you have gone through because I don't. But I can say love matters. It doesn't choose a room, space, time, or wealth. What it does choose are 2 people, like yourselves, that just want a life together to share thoughts, compassion, friendship, and the togetherness that will never be seperated or doomed because you have choosen your own fate. No one can take that away from you. Ever. You are soulmates til the end. I wish you all the best Georgia and Don! I hope things are as they were at the beginning and my heart tells me it is so. I may not can relate to your situations or past, but I can relate to love and I am in love with my husband. We have only been married 1 year but have known each other for 5 now. Me @ 46 and Mark @ 54. He has 2 grands with 1 daughter and I have 3 kids, all in different states, and no grands. My youngest, daughter, has a chihuahua, Henry I call my grand!! He's a whopping 2 1/2 lbs and 4 years old! I just want to say I am so happy for you 2 and wishing you the best honey!! Love you.. I would send pics but this site wont let me...........Love again!!!"
 Deb - VA 
To Georgia and Don:"To me, Georgia and Don are a true love story. I was totally surprised that he went through with his meeting since he seemed to have put it off and made the comment, Georgia isn't the best looking - but he needs to look at himself. I felt this couple were 2 peas in a pod, 2 look alikes - out of the same mold, complemented each other - a perfectly suited pair. Georgia and Don's story is true love and I hope Don realizes he has found that love of his life from some one who adores him and worships him."
Elaine - FL
To Georgia:"I watched your episode this morning and it brought me to tears. I understood your anxieties and doubts about what would happen once you met Don. I am not a prison wife but I could relate to your insecurities because I am disabled and constantly feel judged when I meet a man or any person for that matter. But I know that I am a good person and if the person looking at me can't see past the outside and see the wonderful person I am on the inside, then they can keep on a-steppin! You're so blessed to have found Don and he is as blessed to have you in his life. I hope that you two live a long and happy life together. And please tell Don that he is in my prayers. Don't let him do any more time in his head. Help him live life to the fullest. God bless you both. Feel free to write or call me any time. I felt a strange connection to your stories and I would love to get to know you both better."
Jen - PA
To All Viewers of this site:"After participating in this documentary with Georgia and Don, I just wanted everyone to know that all that is seen on tv is not exactly how it went. What the documentary failed to present was the time it took for "retakes", ie. walking to the car three different times so the cameras could film from different angles. The time it took after reaching a designated area such as Walmart, to make arrangements with the camera crew on what to do next and where to drive into. It also didn't show Don running thru Walmart looking for things that he wanted to buy Georgia. He at one time wanted to buy roses but after realizing they weren't going to keep for 2 days. Settled on taking a picture of the roses he wanted to buy her. It is very hard on the first day "out". The funniest moment in Walmart was making Don understand that prices had gone up and $16.00 was really reasonable for a shirt. I love you both and want the world to know how great you are doing and how you behave like two teenagers, joking and laughing constantly."
Roberta - MO
To  Georgia: "I hope that things are going well. All people in prison does need someone to love and be there for them, I wish you many blessing and happiness."
Joy - WV
To All: "I am going through a tough time with my fiance in prison. We plan to get married within a year. I'm excited and scared all at the same time. I have to say the show "Prison Wives" has given me alot more strength as well as hope. Knowing there are other couples out there that make it work its comfort. Thank you for sharing your stories."
Lorena - OK
To "Pam, I was a disgusted as I watched your show. You are obviously working your butt off to hold things together while your husband is in prison and they way he talked to you about what HE needed when you were telling him that you didn't know if you could manage something (financially) during a particular month really ticked me off. He spoke to you as if his needs were the only ones that mattered, and this is not at all true. You deserve so much more appreciation than that. My fiance is in prison and I know all too well the hideous conditions in which these men live and how hard it is to watch them suffer while we're out walking around...but I can tell you that you deserve to be treated with dignity and respect, and that your efforts to support him should be appreciated and not demanded or taken for granted. I admire your strength and sincerely wish you all the best through your trials. My fiance is serving 15 years for possession of 2 oxycontin tablets and 1.5 grams of cocaine (seriously - no prior convictions, relatives of the Commonwealth's Attorney sitting on his jury, drugs sent off in someone else's name for analysis...the same kind of miscarriage of justice and police & judicial misconduct that you've experienced). Legally, I've been told that there's nothing I can do because apparently there's a time limit on when justice can be served. He's already been locked up for 9 years on these charges, so thank God we're coming toward the end. It has been very hard on me, and I cannot imagine what you've endured. Please know that I thought you were an awesome and powerful woman and what you've done for this man in terms of reuniting him with his child is great - for both of them."
Pamela - VA
To All: "I am a retired Cal Dept of Corrections employee. I worked at Pelican Bay and Valley State Prison for Women. After I retired, I visited a lady at VSPW, and fell in love. She is my fiancee. I have taken care of her sons for a while when I lived in South Dakota. She is in for 27 to life for a murder here boyfriend did. He name is Florence L Anderson W95085. I got her permission to contact you folks. I have many stories to tell and any help you can provide would be appreciated. Thank you,"
 William - NV
To Georgia: "I think Georgia and Don are awesome. If I had money beyond what I need to raise my children as a single mom, I would so totally donate funds to them. I believe too that Don did not commit those stupid motel robberies. It was too "neat" the way the cops found his car with evidence. Don has truly proved his remorse with his previous boo-boos before that motel set-up. Georgia... She's a gorgeous, precious person. We need more people like her on this planet. What a lovely story that was to see today while I was sort of just channel surfing. Best regards,"
 Alex - RI
To Georgia:"I watched the episode about you and Don and read your essay here. I hope that things work out for both of you. I must say that I really liked your laugh/snort that was part of the trailer. It was so real and honest in the context of your comment and the situation. Again, I hope you and Don are able to make a life together."
Rosemarie - NY
To All: "I watch your show because it makes me realize I am not the only one struggling with a loved one in prison. My boyfriend has been away six months and has missed soo much in that short time. I recently gave birth to our first child a little boy that he has yet to see or hold. I struggle every day with anger and frustration because he is not around. Even though his bit this time is only 18 months he is no stranger to prison. I can only hope he changes his ways when he finally comes home... he has a son to live for... I know most of you are doing much longer "bits" I feel for you and understand your pain... All i can do is pray for you all and myself for the sake of our sanity and the safety of our loved ones."
Brittany - PA
To Georgia:"Saw the show and just wanted to say that you did an amazing "true" and honest. Generally not a fan of television, saw this coming on, smirked and rolled my eyes to be honest, but you left me with something. Wished you and Don lived next door! I truly hope this stint on the show parlays into something greater for you..what Susan Boyle did to audiences, you do the same. I take exception to what Don said "she's not the most beautiful woman".. I'm sure he didn't mean it..because you are beautiful, Georgia, with a beautiful soul. Hope life treats you both well and that your troubles are over. Godspeed,"
 Karen - NY
To All: "I'm glad that there is this website to have people to talk to after all of these years. I just wish that it was here when I was feeling all by myself when my husband was in prison. I just felt like I had no one that I could talk to and that no one would understand what I had to say or how I was feeling. It was a long journey for me and i'm happy that my husband is home and things have only gotten better between us. I just hope that anyone that is in the place I was in can hold it together because I think that we all deserve better then you have now. All you have to do is feel that things will get better and with that and faith you will make it through just always remember to keep it real with your loved one. Because that is very important for both of you. I love the show and at one point or another I always seeem to break down and cry because I remember that feeling that you were feeling at that minute. I hope that this all helps and that everyone can be as happy as my husband and I am. I wish everyone the best in everything that you go through in life. There is always better times a head for you and your loved ones." 
To TJ:"I saw your story on Prison Wives and was uncharacteristically moved to tears. I've never been the most compassionate person however your story resonated something powerful within me. I truly admire the power and inner strength you have as a woman, a mother to your adorable son Louis, and as a wife. I will pray for you and your family daily. What a powerful example of love you have demonstrated to the world. Best wishes to you and your family."
To All:"Thank you for sharing your lives with us. It must not have been easy considering how many small minded people are out there. I wish you all the best. I hope there are appeals for the many unjustly sentenced and wish that every state allowed family time/ conjugal visits. Keep the faith!!"
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