Prison Wives ID - Links of Interest M - O
Prison Wives ID -
Links of Interest M - O
Links of interest that include personal sites; news and information regarding the Justice System, various State Departments of Corrections; groups and sites involved with the penal and or legal system;  and other interesting sites. Each member has added to this list as ones they as individuals or as the group feel should be shared with you.
You can click on the pictures or the sites' name to open.
Meditation in Floridathis is the website for the buddhist center that sends volunteers into many of the Florida institutions.
Missouri Department of Corrections Mission Statement Missouri DOC with victims, communities and state and local governments improves public safety through secure confinement and effective community interventions. Through our cooperative efforts to provide effective correctional services, we hold offenders accountable for their behavior and prepare them to be productive citizens.
The National Police Accountability Project (NPAP) was founded with the intent of helping to end police abuse of authority and to provide support for grassroots and victims’ organizations combating police misconduct.
The New York State Department of Correctional Services, is responsible for the confinement and habilitation of approximately 60,000 inmates held at 67 state correctional facilities plus the 916-bed Willard Drug Treatment Campus. Mission Statement: Enhance public safety by providing appropriate treatment services, in safe and secure facilities, that address the needs of all inmates so they can return to their communities better prepared to lead successful and crime-free lives.
November Coalition members educate the public about destructive, unnecessary incarceration due to the U.S. drug war, and advocate for drug war prisoners.
Oklahoma Department of CorrectionsMission Statement: Protecting the Public, Employees and Offenders. Encompassing an array of services and programs, the Department is devoted to and embraces ownership in reducing recidivism. What better way to be in compliance with our mission statement than to reduce recidivism thereby reducing future crimes and victims. 
On Both Sides of the Wall: The Two Way Struggle By TJ Windham Drama, drugs, gang war and violence hit the streets of South Sacramento and raided every corner like the liquor store. Surviving, under the spotlight, were two of many notorious gangs known. In the mist, creeping in and out the dope spots you found De and Tasha, two gang members with a track record as long as you can count. Both had one thing in common besides refusing to sell crack to pregnant woman. They yearned after the same desire and desperate need to leave this life style behind like a old habit. In search of the same dream, together they stumbled upon a journey that landed them into their destiny. As the prayers in their hearts went up, blessing came down. God granted their request using prison bars as bait. As a young married couple surviving On Both Sides of The Wall, they discovered that it took more than willpower to survive.
Oregon Department of Corrections Mission Statement is to promote public safety by holding offenders accountable for their actions and reducing the risk of future criminal behavior.
Order My Life Productions is a faith based Production Company that seeks to uplift, inspire and encourage the lost and walks them them into a heart changing victory through Gospel Stage Plays.  Their Saying is "Your Mess is Your Message"
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