Prison Wives ID - Juli Sipe's Glass Art
Prison Wives ID -
                       Juli Sipe
                   Artist Statement
I am primarily a glass fusing artist.  My finished pieces are formed in a kiln from components generally created ahead of time.  I know not where my inspiration will lead me until standing next to my work bench with my “canvas”, my sheet of clear glass before me.
My work is a sort of collage, “paintings” with glass as my medium.  I utilize many techniques to create my pieces.  Creating a new color palate in my kiln, putting words on glass to use later, working with a torch to create twisted elements and filaments of glass as fine as a hair.  Combining fused glass with plate glass to expand my horizons.  I love the thrill of discovery, experimenting, testing the limits of my materials, finding new ways in which to work with them.
My finished work can be serious, whimsical, abstract, traditional, punk, pop.  I love quotes and frequently include words in my pieces.  Fragments of a strangers conversation, a few words in a song, words that evoke strong emotions in me due to the circumstances of my life. 
I am following in a long line of artists driven to give visual representation to social injustices, becoming activists, and hoping that the universal language of art can help make compassionate changes in a very broken system.   Expressing my frustrations, my hopes, our love, our struggles through my palate of glass.  My desire is to seduce the viewer into exploring the many layers of meaning in my art, my life, and how it relates to their own lives and challenges. 
After the film crew departed, Spring 2009, I created this piece to reflect my feelings.
"The Gates of Hell Hath No Fury Like that of a People's Oppressed" 18"x18"
The sun represents "Hope".  The black bars with the red strings on top is the fence with barbed wire atop a prison fence.  The mountains are the mountains we climb as families of prisoners.
Feeling pretty lonely I created this piece a month before Ric and I found each other again.  
"And I Found Myself Alone Hoping Someone Would Miss Me" 2006 18"x18" turned out to be a prophetic work.  
My influences from stained glass to the European artist Hundertwasser are evident here. 
I had spent many years associated with a wonderful art school in Seattle before becoming severely chemically sensitive and having to leave everything from my teaching position, my volunteer work, the classes I was taking and the equipment that shaped my work behind.
This is an example of the body of work I was working on before I became chemically sensitive.  This piece is small, just 8" long.  It's formed of a tube of borosilicate glass manipulated in a torch then sandblasted.  The metallic work is copper electroforming, a technique that takes at least one day in a copper plating tank, then I crocheted with copper wire 100 year old African trade beads onto the piece.  
The work I have since produced in my home studio has turned from exploration of marrying techniques together to create sophisticated eye candy to explosions of color, work with a story behind it.  You can see more of my work on my website or click on the link below.
Juli Sipe Artist, is one half of one the couples on "Prison Wives" and she a wonderful artist and this website is presentation of her fused glass art.
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