Prison Wives ID - Grace and Dave
Prison Wives ID -
 Grace And Dave Dark Horse
   I was raised to believe that our justice system is just, that only evil, guilty people go to prison, that law enforcement officers are all good. It was simple. I knew who the good guys were and who the bad guys were...probably just like you do.
   This all changed when I met Dave. Everything that I was taught about who the good guys/bad guys are was turned upside down. Don't get me wrong! Yes, there are good cops, lawyers, and judges. And yes, there are a lot of people in prison who deserve to be there, some should never be let out. But from what I've learned through Dave and many other inmates and their loved ones is that there are a lot of people who are in prison who are innocent. Oh, I can hear you now! "Sure! That's what they all say!" I therefore ask that you open your minds and hearts to what I have learned, and to understand that this can also happen to you or someone you love. Simply being at the wrong place at the wrong time can actually put you in prison for the rest of your life! And once you become an "inmate" there are no courts which will help you. All of your appeals will get instantly "rubber stamped" simply because the clerk sees that you're an inmate. They don't even look at your case. It doesn't matter to them.
   I agreed to do this show because I wanted the world to see that many inmates have wives, husbands, children, family members, and other loved ones who love them deeply. We are the ones which society has forgotten. I wanted to show that my husband is worthy of being loved, as well as capable of giving love. He is not the evil monster which society imagines him as. Before I married Dave, I researched why women marry inmates. The answers that I got were all very negative and unflattering. It went anywhere from low self esteem to her liking the fact that she is "in control" of the relationship. I wanted to show that this is not true in my case, that I and many other inmates wives have good self esteem, self respect, can have a professional job, is intelligent, is not ugly, and respects and loves her husband. Many people feel that inmates have relationships or marry women simply to use them for money or for anything that they can get out of them. This can happen in or out of prison, therefore I'm not saying that it does not happen. But I wanted to show the world that Dave and I do have a very loving marriage and that neither one of us is using the other for any reason. Ours is a story of true love despite our immediate circumstances.
   I was asked once to give advise to other women thinking about having a relationship with an inmate. My answer was that having a relationship with an inmate, especially one who is serving hard time, is not for the faint of heart. It takes a very strong person to deal with the heart aches. the let downs, the being alone, the not fitting in with your married friends because your spouse is not with you, the not fitting in with your single friends because you're married, the pain of leaving him behind in a dirty, dangerous world, not knowing if he'll still be alive tomorrow, the guilt of eating good foods while he eats slop, the guilt of air conditioning/heat and a soft bed, while he sleeps on a steel bunk in a cell which could get up to 130 degrees in temperature in the Florida heat, and freezing in the winter with only one thin blanket and one thin jacket to cover up with. Florida (pronounced Flori-duhh) has one of the worst prison conditions in the U.S.! No, they do not have air conditioning, heat, or cable T.V. in their cells. The food portions are very small (too small to feed a young child, much less a grown adult) and it consists of mostly soy nuggets (what we call "Kibbles And Bits"). If you really knew the truth of how these men and women are treated, I'm sure you would be outraged that such treatment takes place in our Nation! Medical treatment is almost impossible to get. They no longer have weights to lift, that was taken away quite some time ago. Native Americans have no Spiritual rights. They are forced to cut their hair, are not allowed Spiritual items, and they can not worship freely as other religions do. So now you know the truth. Don't believe everything that you see on those other prison shows. It's mostly all set up, staged, and edited. Animals are treated better than these human beings. You can't leave a dog in a hot car, but it's alright to do the equivalent to a human being in a prison cell? Inmates who are terminally ill die shackled to a hospital bed. There are no loved ones to be with them to say their goodbyes, loved ones are not allowed to be with them. Only the corrections officers are allowed to be with the dying inmate. What's wrong with our so called "civilized nation"? Our inmates have coined what should be our new State motto: "Flori-duhh! Come on vacation, leave on probation!" Sad but true.
   The U.S. has over 2 million people in prison, in jail, on parole or probation right now, and the numbers are growing. Prisons are no longer for rehabilitation (there is no rehabilitation), they are now for warehousing people and turning them into slaves. Prisons have now become a huge industry. Prisons are now used to legally enslave (don't believe it? Read the 13th Amendment!) our people and force them to work for, and to make big businesses richer. Why is that? Is it because our people are the most evil on earth? Or is it because our justice system is broken? Or is it to make the rich richer? Follow the money trail to those who are profiting the most from the prison industry. Land of the free? Think again! It could happen to any of us, just by being at the wrong place at the wrong time, a false accusation,anything! Just because you abide by the law doesn't mean that you can't end up in prison or jail! It is no longer "Innocent until proven guilty". It's now "Guilty until proven innocent"! If you're arrested, it could take many months, sometimes even years before you go to court! In the mean time you'll probably loose your job, home and possessions, and quite possibly your family!
   Even if you are caught up going to court for a crime you didn't commit, your lawyer will most likely advise you to not take it to trial, because you'll most likely lose! You'll be advised to take a plea bargain. This is what happened to Dave! His lawyer wrongly advised him to take a plea bargain instead of trial. He told him if he took it to trial, he would be looking at the electric chair! But if he took a plea bargain for 1st degree, that he would be out on parole within a few years (which choice would any one of us take?)...wrong! After 25 years Dave had his first parole hearing. The Florida Parole Commission gave him a Presumptive Release Date of the year 2100! This is despite the fact that Dave has not been in trouble in over 20 years, he was only 17 years old at the time of sentencing,  an excellent release plan, a promised job, a home, a wife, many letters of support from agencies and individuals (including many D.O.C. employees), and proof that Dave is innocent. The F.P.C. is corrupt! They only release approximately 1% out of the approximate 5,000 parole eligible inmates every year, these are mostly elderly/older inmates who have served a minimum of 25 years, and the least likely to recommit another crime. Most come back due to technical violations. The F.P.C. is supposed to be "experts" as to whom they release on parole. Why then do they keep in prison the ones who have a better chance to make it on the outside, and the recidivism rate is so high for the ones which they actually do release? Could it be that they release only inmates which will most likely come back, for their own job security? If they actually did their jobs (which is to parole) they would be out of work, because there would be no inmates left to parole! So now it becomes apparent why they release so few inmates to parole. It is not for "public safety" as they want the public believe. It is simply so they can keep their cushy jobs plus benefits!  Here in Florida, the inmate is not allowed to attend their own parole hearing, so the Commissioners never see or hear them. The inmates never get a chance to speak for themselves. You see, parole in Florida was abolished in 1983. Why are they still in business? Why is it that all of our Government officials, including our Governor Charlie Crist, A.K.A.  Chain Gang Charlie, have been made aware of these corruptions and the illegalities of these hearings, and yet they do nothing about it? What about the media? Why is nobody investigating the the F.P.C.?  Follow the money trail! 
   Now it's time for me to get off of my soap box. I ask all of you to take to heart and mind all that I have said. We have become a prison nation, and our prisons have become industries, looking for more slave labor. Be very careful, watch, research, learn and listen. Never doubt that there's a prison bed waiting for each and everyone of us, no matter how innocent we are. Still have doubts? Research "concentration camps in America" and "Rex 84". I was once a skeptic, now I'm a believer, and very afraid of where we are headed. 
Soon Baby  written by Dave Dark Horse
A million times a day you cross my mind
Whether at work, on the yard, or anywhere
It doesn't matter if I'm doing something,
or just trying to unwind.
Wondering what you're doing right now, wishing
I were there. 
Sometimes   I'll think of something and wonder what
you'd think
I turn to ask you, feeling you with me so much,
and when you're not there my heart just seems to sink
There are times I miss you so bad, just longing for
your touch
It's those times I hate and yet am so thankful for
Because it's then I know what we share is so real
The pain lets me know I have someone to live for now
Before "us" there was nothing left in me to feel
So though it's hard at times, for me it's worth it all
I know soon we'll be together forever, never again will
we part
Together we'll look back and thank God we survived
this fall
With the wind in our hair, we'll ride on, with pure, true
love in our hearts
For Grace, my loving wife, my life
Dave Dark Horse,
   I love you Baby! One day soon the world will know that you're innocent and then you'll be home. This will be our dream come true!
                                        Forever and Beyond!
                                          Your wife,
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