Prison Wives ID - Glen Black Hawk Maynor
Prison Wives ID -
                        Glen Black Hawk Maynor
   You're all probably wondering who I am and how did I get involved with Prison Wives. Well, pull up a chair, get comfortable, and get ready for the incredible story of my life. Ready? Here we go!
   Back in 1982 I was 14 years old. My friend Billy and myself were going to hang out at the beach, we were going there by public transportation. While we were waiting for the bus to arrive, I decided to go to the store to get something to drink. When I arrived back at the bus stop I noticed that Billy was gone. I heard someone honking a car horn. I looked towards the car to see Billy sitting in the front seat along side of a male adult driver.
   Billy waved me over and said that he knew the man who was driving and that he invited us both to his house first, from there he would take us to the beach. I agreed and got in, figuring that we would save the bus fare money. Once we got to his house the man gave us sodas that were spiked with LSD and Quaalude's.   The next thing I knew,
   I was hog tied with rope on the floor, alone, and naked. I squirmed towards where my cloths were in the opposite side of the room. After many attempts I finally was able to get my pocket knife out of my pocket, and free myself from the ropes. At this time I was also hallucinating from the effects of the drugs.
   Next-  I was trying to find my way out of there. When I opened one of the doors I saw this man raping and punching Billy, who was unconscious and tied up, blood was everywhere. I couldn't believe that what I was seeing was real!
   Then the man saw me, I remember trying to leave to get help, when I was suddenly knocked forward several times, until I was laying on the floor. I realized that this was real because of the incredible pain that I was feeling. I turned over and saw a baseball bat coming towards my face, and I blocked it, and then grabbed it with such force that he lifted me off of the floor while I was still holding the bat.
   I fought back, trying to make him stop attacking me. He hit his head on the corner of a table and became unconscious. I grabbed the bat and stood over him, waiting for him to grab me again, just like on the horror movies! After some time I remembered and saw Billy on the floor, tied up, naked,  blood and feces all over him, as he lay unconscious.
   I went back to get my pocket knife to free Billy from the ropes. Once I cut him loose I could not resuscitate him. I carried his limp body to the bath tub and turned on the water. Finally...  he became conscious.       I had to find him some clothes in the mans closet, because Blilly's I found torn to shreds, and told him that we had to get out of there! I put the mans clothes on the bed and told Billy to hurry up, and that I would wait for him for five minutes. Nothing more!
   As I was going towards the door I suddenly heard Billy scream "Watch Out!!". I turned in time to see a baseball bat coming towards my forehead! All I could see was stars!  I went down like a rag doll. But in the mean while I still had my pocket knife in my hand. I barely shook it off when I saw  Billy on the mans back chocking him with the ropes that he was just tied up with.
   The man was swinging the baseball bat over his head to hit Billy in the head and face. Once I got off of the floor I went to help Billy, swinging wildly, with everything I had. Until I realized something was very wrong...blood was all over the place.
   I still had the pocket knife in my hand! Not only was I punching him, but I unknowingly was stabbing him also. Long story short...we fought him until we all fell over on the bed. I immediately started tying his hands and feet so he wouldn't get up again. I got the hell out of there and ran and ran!
   Billy showed up as I was running down the road in the mans car telling me to get in. I jumped in and the next day we were arrested for the murder of this man.   As it turns out, this man was a well known child molester, but none of the adults, nobody = did anything to stop him!
   If we were girls the outcome would have been different! We never would have even went to court!  Billy had begged me not to mention that he had been raped by the man because he was afraid of what his father would think about him,
   I honored his request, and in turn he ended up turning States evidence against me and he was sentenced for 2nd degree murder with a 20 year sentence.
  We were sentenced in November of 1982, and in June of 1986 Billy was released to a work release center and was paroled in 1987. He served a total of about 4 1/2 years. As for myself, with Billy's help, they were seeking the death penalty in my case...
   I hope you're reading this William. Thanks alot!!!        My friend.     Yeah-       OK...   My attorney plead me guilty to 2nd degree murder and I was given a 50 year sentence, with 1/3 retained jurisdiction (same as a mandatory 17 years).
   At the time I was the youngest child sentenced to an adult prison in the State of Florida back in the year of 1982 and I walked out of the Iron house 2 1/2 years ago at age forty.
   People have asked me what did I go through in prison?
My answer         I went to hell!!!!                     That's what I saw and went through in prison! That was my home for over 25 1/2 years!!!
   I saw people hung, people cut up like they were hamburger meat, burned alive, decapitated, stabbings, suicides,  beatings, rapes...some of them over and over, some for days at a time...HELL!!!! That's what I witnessed, that's what I lived through, that is what I came out of...
        But I've also found times inside of the beast where there were decent people, who didn't mind sharing a laugh, in a crazy world that none of us could control. You have to laugh to keep from going insane.
   You also have to watch each others backs from those who are really insane or criminal minded, with intent to harm. You see:  Society believes that murderers, rapists, child molesters, and other hard core criminals just stop committing crimes when they're put in prison. This is not true!    Far,   far from the truth!! Even in there, the predators still hunt!
   Somewhere along the lines, you'll meet people who are special, that try hard to stay out of trouble, that try to stay away from the crap that goes on in there. Most importantly, tries to stay alive to see the next day.
   Then there's always the new guys. Those are the ones that you have to watch the most! Because if somethings going to happen, it's going to be the new fresh meat!
      This is how I met Dave Dark Horse. He was a scared 17 year old boy back then, and didn't have an idea of what kind of trouble he was in for, nor the darkness that truly surrounded him. Dave stood out because he was wise enough to stay alone and not talk to too many people,
  He was also about the same age as myself. As most people know, the first sign of fear is when somebody tries to befriend too many people at the beginning, which puts them on "the market" without even realizing it.
    I had to find a way to get Dave away from the wrath that was heading towards him (as long as he was with the "new cocks " ).    After speaking with Dave, we became friends. 
   In his own time Dave told me his story of why he was sent to prison,  I believed him, and I believe he is innocent.
Later on, the actually murderer confessed to me at Sumter C.I. while he laughed about the crime and professed in the next instance that he can't remember the "incident" and then laugh even harder while in his drunken state.
    Yes, we had booze in prison...  ha! We actually made it ourselves. Want the recipes???
    Anyway at the time in prison when Dave and I met the prison system was in complete melt down. Over-crowded, under-staffed, violent, Bloody, riots or under constant threats of riots and the rule of thumb is a personal one that all Solo warriors pray   "Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no Evil Cause I AM THE BADDEST F**k**G PERSON IN THE Valley!!!... With My Creator on my side.
    Every person entering prison becomes a Warrior in their own way. All will have demons to face and to do battle with sometimes without cause nor reason... But one thing was for certain violence was coming at you like it or not. How you dealt with it determines your level of vulnerability for the next crazy person or group of people who may view  you as potential prey.
   To us, as teenagers, in this massively controlled war zone, it was absolute madness and to trust others meant possible death or other nasty things.
    We were and are known as loners in the system as we stand and battle alone with no protections from gangs or clicks and we abide by our own terms and bow to none... because to do so you will fall victim to other nightmares.
   We used our own standing and let our actions speak for our ways and refused to bend to foolishness, deceit, and or peer pressure. 
  Life in prison as teenagers was hard and dangerous. It got so bad in the year of 1984 that Dave and I attempted to Escape just to get away from the Prison and its conditions we were being held at.  Dave And I both was sentenced to seven consecutive year sentences to our prison sentences that we were already serving time for prior to the attempted escape.
 Meaning life plus seven years for Dave and Fifty plus seven years for me.
   Only months later the Federal Court Condemned the Entire State of Florida"s prison system and declared it unfit for human inhabitant and that under those living conditions it was deemed to be cruel and unusual punishment for all those that was in prison and this was for prisoners and the guards alike...
    I served time with Dave in other prisons and he was always the same Soft spoken and mild-manured and very trust worthy, man I always have known.  His word was his bond like all convicts of old, he was loyal to what few friends he has.
   While At Polk C.I. and I was near the end of my time in prison I met "by letters"  Dave's wife Grace Dark Horse.
She wrote to me and told me who she was and I found out that what she said was the truth My blood-brother had gotten married... We became chatter boxes as my time grew shorter and out of the blue she asked me to write a letter on Dave's behalf  and I told her That I would Do one Better That I would get the actual killer to confess in a letter to her....and I did.
  Just recently Jeffery Murphy (the real killer in David Crofts case). Wrote and Signed a Written Affidavit that Dave was not the killer in the Case of Penny Faulkner but that Dave was really a witness to her murder.  At this time we are still trying find out how this can be used to help us to help him in Court... None of us are attorneys yet we still try and one day truth will set David Dark Horse FREE.... 
    Once I was Out and Free in 2007 Dave asked me to move in and help Grace (his wife) to get her life back to normal as she was going through some very hard times and needed all the help she could get...Without hesitation I sold My trailer and became her room-mate.  Under this circumstance I think she can now say that after nearly 2 and 1/2 years she is now starting to regain a normal life.  You'll see me as a supporting cast on the show with her.   Grace and I have become blood brother and blood sister to each other by native ceremony and are now just living life to the best of our ability...What was life like for me once I got out?  Maybe another time I'll talk to you about it as that's another story worthy of it's own time at a later date.
                                      Keep the Peace:  Black-Hawk
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