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Tommy Turtle, is merely one of the characters in this fun to read book, both children and parents alike will fall in love with. Tommy Turtle wakes one morning to find a crack in his shell. His friend, Sammy Snail arrives to find Tommy Turtle depressed and believing he needs to find a new place to live.
Together Tommy Turtle and Sammy Snail embark upon a journey, where they, not only search for a new home for Tommy Turtle, they also make a new friends.
When Rita Rabbit stops the three, while on their journey, Tommy Turtle discovers, he did not need to leave at all. Tommy Turtle was told, that a big surprise awaited him once he returned home.
The story ends with Tommy Turtle learning a valuable lesson about friendship.
There is a wholesome moral about true friendship and trusting in others, in the story you're sure to love.
This book is available on on the link or the picture of the book and it will take you where you can order it.
Harry 'High-Pockets' Harry's father was injured and is in a wheelchair, leaving his mother to do her best to make sure Harry has everything he needs. It is not that Harry is unhappy being the only child, for he knows his mother and father love him very much. Harry has a problem that he does not know how to talk with his parents about.

Being in a low-income family means there is not much money to buy clothes for Harry, so she buys his at the thrift store. Harry does very well in school, except that the schoolyard bully and his friends constantly tease him about his oversized clothes. Harry does not mind that the clothes are second-hand or a little worn. He is only concerned that they are too big for him, and that is why the kids at school call him Harry High-Pockets. One day, Harry meets a stranger who teaches him a valuable lesson in how to handle the school bully.
This book is just being released and at this time is available at the above link and hopefully soon will be available at Barnes&Noble and on
Currently seeking an agent or publisher for this book.
For the peaceful community of Casketville, time was quickly running out.  As the town stands at the brink of yet another rash of disappearances.  The arrival of a stranger soon sparks deep suspicions among the residents.  Their skepticism catapults Sheriff Donaldson into action, searching for the truth, in what soon becomes a tale of deception, suspense, and horror.
In the midst of the mayhem, in spite of the mounting chaos, one truth remains, time is of the essence, trouble was brewing and approaching without haste were the Dark Months…
This book was Don's way of making it possible for him to do the time instead of the time doing him.
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