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Corrections and Updates
Annika I am writing this so everyone that has seen my story on "Prison Wives"  can know the truth behind what they did NOT show or explain during the airing of my episode. Know that I do respect your opinions because they are just that YOUR opinions, with that said I will clear up a few things that have been put out there negatively.
1. They did not show that Anthony would only be paid 28 cents an hour and that NONE of his money is sent home to pay my bills only to help him survive.
2.  It was also NOT stated that he already had a job that paid almost as much as the one offered and that one did not interfer with visits.
3.  I do pay $400  a month rent on my house and pay all my bills without any supplementary funds. Section 8 does help me but only with a reduction in my rent. I acknowledge that help; because, yes, they do help BUT then who hasnt needed help at some point in their life??
4.  Do I receive Social Security for no reason? ABSOLUTELY NOT.  Anyone that has dealt with Social Security knows that it is not given for just anything, that is why there are lawyers to help most people receive their benefits, you must truly be disabled. Also I hope you do realize, that these benefits are drawn from the funds that I paid into my Social Security account.  This account is paid by every dollar you make and is the tax you pay but it only goes into your personal account. So my disability is funded by my account and NO ONE else is being taxed for my support.
5. Please note in regards to the moves I made. The first was to move to Oregon prior to my relationship with Antony, the next three (3) were in the same town to give my kids a better home enviroment, they did not change schools or friends. These moves were not to be closer to Anthony, he was in the same town. Our last move was to where we are and have been for more than a year-where the episode was filmed.
6. One thing that has hurt has been being told that I am a bad mother. My CHILDREN ARE MY LIFE and are happier then they ever were with their biological father.  There are things in their lives that you have no right to know and I will NOT explain them to you but understand my children know they are loved by both my husband and myself.  You saw a glimpse of our life but you do not know them or their relationship with either Anthony or myself.
7. Lastly, I want to say that I hope none of you EVER have to go through this experience. BUT if you do, then you will find that you have a friend in me.  One that understands fully what it is like and will not judge you. Thank you for watching my episode even if you think negatively of me, YOU have let me have space in your mind at least for a few minutes...
Shortly after the filming of our episode Anthony was moved to more than a 3 hour drive from us.  Now, Anthony is back in the area with us and it is so nice to see him again and see him with HIS kids.
The kids and I are doing wonderfully, a few bumps in the road but nothing that true friends and the love of your spouse can't fix......
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