Prison Wives ID - Alisa, Daughter of Lance
Prison Wives ID -
Alisa, Daughter of Lance
Lance Booker, a loving father and husband:  To most people, Lance Booker is a man found guilty of a crime he didn’t commit.  But to me, he’s my dad.  
For six long years I have been without a father.  Not because he didn’t want to be here, but because he was put into prison for a crime he did not commit.  Imagine someone you love being snatched away from you at gunpoint.  Everyday since then, I have been dealing with not being able to hug, kiss, or even call my father just to say, “I love you.”
As a female in our society, being without my father makes me another statistic.  The choices I make, the path I take, and the woman I became have been impacted by my father being taken from his family.  With him gone, I was left to raise myself.  I would give anything to hug my father and to hear him say, “Daddy loves you.” 
The criminal justice system is supposed to be for our safety, but how can I feel safe when they wrongly accused my father, a human being?  When I speak to my father on the phone I feel hope, and that’s what gets me through.  I know that one day a real lawyer with love for people, and not quotas or notches on their belt, will free this innocent man.  My two brothers, three sisters and I are hurting.
 The prison system was designed to hold criminals; not innocent fathers, brothers, uncles and sons.  The police are supposed to protect and serve, but they protected noone, and Lance Booker is serving someone else’s time.  Our pain is real.  It’s time to open your eyes and gives us back our father.  The criminal justice system can’t give me back the past six years, but it can bring my Daddy home, where he belongs.
                                               Alisa, age 20
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