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"Each of us has a piece of the big social puzzle. In the big picture, we are all one"
By Tim McDonald
Just over a year ago Sirens Media was approached by Investigation Discovery about a different kind of project and this project became known as “Prison Wives”.  The individuals that comprise this website are the result of that project.  Thirteen couples’ unique stories are being presented by ID starting February 14, 2010.  Below is how ID describes this project:
“This captivating series introduces audiences to women who have fallen in love with and married a prisoner behind bars. PRISON WIVES examines the compassion and selflessness behind these stories of love, however unexpected. These unconventional families provide audiences a look inside prison life and what keeps these relationships together, for better or worse, richer or poorer.”
 Prison Wives are actually 12 women and one man whose loved one is or was incarcerated in prison.  Each of our stories are unique and show a side of prison life that few experience much less even think about.  We are not behind bars, have committed no crimes and yet many times we are judged more harshly than our loved ones because we choose to “stand by our man (woman).”  
America leads the world in shackling its own citizens.  Those who go to prison will die there, in spirit, if not in body.  Thirteen people have faced social condemnation to keep the human spirit alive in the vast American prison system.  ID channel has recorded our stories.  There are others, thousands of others, but these 13 face America without shame or remorse, to publicly tell their lives of hardship and love; a love that conquers all.  
Some of us go further in creating this website to shed more light on the darkness behind prison walls.  Speak with us and we will tell you what cannot be read in the morning news and share feelings that are normally found only in repressive countries.  Consider our lives and the feelings we share, then multiply it one million times to understand America.  We hope you agree, it is time to change.
We are now showing on the OWN channel and we hope that you are still watching. PrisonwivesID is not the official Investigation Discovery Prison Wives website, please link to their website also. 

Our shows are available at, and now on Netflixs.  We hope that you will enjoy.The show also airs on OWN television.
Please  watch the show and enjoythe website.  Maybe after seeing this you too will understand the need for change.  
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