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2 Years Later Georgia and Don

It has now been two years Don’s release so I thought that maybe it was time for an update to our story.  First for all, yes, we are still together and very much in love.  As I have said before, marrying an inmate is difficult and once they are released it is still difficult.  You both have a lot of adjusting to do, it does get easier but it takes awhile.  For Don there was a lot of change all at once and a lot that he just didn’t know; things like mp3 players, computers even cell phone, things we take for granted.  I loved going to stores with him, he would find the strangest things and have me explain them to him, he especially love little gadgets, you would not believe how many silly things he brought those first few months.  The people he worked with at first would be confused by the things that he didn’t know or understand, at least till they understood his history.  But as time goes by he gets better and so do I.

He is now working and has been for about 18 months now. He still doesn’t drive but he has  never missed a day’s work and is well liked by his supervisors and fellow employees.  He took his first ever vacation this summer and was rather proud of himself.  He also is a hero at his work, he stopped a robbery and prevented one of his co-workers from being seriously hurt, she still calls him “Superman”.  He is still in school and also still on the Dean’s List, he has a G.P.A. of 3.88.

After the show we received a lot of emails saying that he wouldn’t stay, that he was just using me, that he didn’t even want to come home to me. If that was the case the last two years would have driven him away instead it has made us closer and even more in love. Don and I have been through much together since his release.  He said in the show that we would have hard times and we have.  I had a heart attack last year and he has had lot to deal with and has been wonderful.  He has taken good care of me and has never made me feel guilty. To be perfectly honest, I wouldn’t have made it without his being so supportive and he still is today.  For Christmas, this last year he even brought me a wedding set, he wanted me to have an engagement and wedding ring that he paid for himself. 

I do admit too that our four legged family has grown and they have taken over our house and life but they are our children. We have three generations now, Joey and the puppies you saw on the show to those puppies, puppies. With 12 children it gets a little wild around here, you should see it when he gives them a treat-they love cookies.

He has and is adjusting well, he works too hard but he is learning to play too.  When he first got out he had never touched a computer and would give me a hard time about playing games on line.  His granddaughter set him up a facebook page and he has grown to enjoy it most especially the poker game there. 

Our life isn’t exciting, we struggle with bills especially with me not working.  He works every day, comes home and studies and tries to get a little sleep.  He spends time with me and the dogs and we have a normal life.  As I said at the end of the show I said that I’m not a prison wife anymore I’m just plain Mrs. Don Benson and I’m very proud of that fact.
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